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Overseas Property Agents CRM System

Login to the Semseo CRM software. Our online services ensure an open line of communication and client management, 24 hours a day!


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You can also contact your Semseo system administrator as they can access your password and username.

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IMPORTANT: if your account is not active you need to use the activation email that was sent to your email address.
- contact us if you are the first or only User of Semseo and did not receive the activation email or you have manually deactivated your account.
- otherwise you must contact your manager or your main Semseo User and they will re-activate your account.

New Company/First User...

If your company does not yet use the Semseo overseas business/estate agents software please create a free international property agent software login to get basic access to the system.

You can then use the free services and facilities and contact us if you want to upgrade to the full contact management software.

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If your company already uses the Semseo software please contact your systems administrator and they will add a new user account for you.

Semseo overseas estate agent computer software

Semseo CRM Application

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You only pay for the users you need, that is you buy licenses per user based on the total number of users you have.

The price levels are as follows:

Number of UsersWeekly Price per user
0 - 1£10
2 - 11£7
12 - 999£5

There is no annual hosting/renewal fee. Only 1 month notice is required to close your account.

The system is designed to be easy to use. The majority of users who are simply entering and accessing contact records will not require training.

More info...

For more information please contact us and we will send you details.

This is one of the most affordable on-line contact management systems available and it will dramatically help your business to effectively follow up sales leads and turn them into sales.


The price is based on the number of system users. Users can be in any geographical location, in one office or many offices. The minimum number of system users is just 1 so this software is very affordable to small businesses and independent agents. You also only pay for the system users you require so the license is very fair and easily scales to your business needs without any large jumps in cost.

Semseo System Requirements

It can be run on PC's, laptops, and most devices: PDA's etc. with a Web Browser and Internet connection. Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 or above are recommended to make use of all the features.


Overseas Property Agent Software

Semseo Ltd. specialises in business and contact management software for the overseas property industry. The software can be customised to fit with virtually any business requirements. The software is Internet based so it can be easily accessed by agents and staff from anywhere in the World where Internet access is available.

Semseo Overseas Property Agent CRM Software...

The Semseo software for overseas property agents and developers has many advanced features, please visit the Semseo web site for more details: Semseo CRM Application Software

Semseo overseas estate agent software