Overseas Mortgage Lenders for Property Abroad

foreign property mortgages icon   Foreign Property Mortgages

We have access to many mortgage lenders overseas and financial advisors and can help with arranging overseas mortgages in the UK or overseas. A Spanish mortgage or other foreign property mortgages are much easier to get than they were a few years ago with more mortgage lenders offering overseas mortgage products.

Credit Crunch!

There is no getting away from the disruption that the "credit crunch" is having on mortgage lending around the World. Hopefully the problems in the financial markets will soon be sorted out. Until that happens contacting specialised mortgage agents and independent financial advisors may be the most successful way to find the specific mortgage product you require. You can search for or lenders and agents on this site for more details.

Still the most popular method of raising finance for an overseas property purchase is from equity release from a property owned by a person in their Country of residence.

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overseas mortgage   Mortgage in Principal

Through our professional mortgage partners we are able to offer our clients a finance solution that will allow them to identify the money they have available and be in a position to get it in time to put a deposit on a property.

By getting a mortgage in principal before visiting an overseas location clients can be in a position to purchase without having to actually take a loan or a mortgage i.e. the mortgage application is only completed and the money made available if/when it is required.

This is extremely beneficial for clients as the mortgage companies do not usually charge any fees for a decision/mortgage in principal and once in place money can usually be released in around 2 weeks. However, for this method to work clients MUST apply for and receive the mortgage in principal before visiting a location to look for overseas property. Contact us for more information or for a quote.

currency exchange euro   Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange will usually be required at some point in the process of buying overseas property. We suggest clients contact one of the foreign currency exchange specialists listed on this site to discuss all exchange requirements.

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