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Every year many thousands of people purchase overseas properties, some favour apartments and others wish to own large villas with land. Increasingly we are seeing peoples motivation for the purchase moving from overseas real estate to enjoy with friends and family to an overseas property investment that will be rented out for much of the year. The most popular areas for overseas property investment are currently Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey.

This site offers overseas property agents and overseas property developers the opportunity to advertise their properties for free. We do not charge any commission for sales made through this site and there is no advertising charge.

Potential overseas property buyers can select many properties from many property agents and developers and save their favourite overseas properties, agents and developers for viewing, printing or emailing at a later date.

The Property Abroad For Sale

The overseas properties for sale on this site are from professional overseas property agents and developers who specialise in property abroad for sale as holiday and second homes. There are also a growing number of investment properties, retirement properties and commercial properties. It is free to list the property on this site and all enquiries are sent directly to the relevant agents or developers. We do not get involved and do not charge commission when sales are made.


Buyers can find agents, developers and related businesses that offer professional overseas real estate property services on this site

Potential property buyers can therefore be sure they will find the required help and support they are seeking.

If you are a professional overseas property agent, developer or related business and would like to list your property or services on this site, for more information click: overseas properties for sale.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like further information. We are happy to assist with advice and guidance where we can or for more specific advice simply contact suitable professional overseas property agents and developers from this site. Alternatively enquire about a specific property for sale and the agent or developer responsible for the listing will contact you direct.

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