Overseas property scams and cons

Warning to Overseas Property Buyers & Sellers!

WARNING BOGUS BUYERS SCAM: please be aware that property sellers all over the world are being contacted by criminals/con people posing as potential buyers in order to get money from the property seller. You should be very cautious if:

  • you (the seller) is asked to pay money to the buyer

  • you are asked to send your name, address, bank account number, passport number, etc., etc., etc. They may be trying to steel your identity!

  • a buyer wants to purchase without seeing the property

  • people are calling using mobile phones and do not give a land line number

  • you are asked to accept a large amount of money in cash: the money may be fake and you can not go to the police without admitting you were trying to avoid paying tax!

  • you are asked to pay tax before a deposit payment can be released to you

  • you receive a cheque for more than the requested deposit/reservation and then the purchaser asks you to urgently refund the overpayment... you must WAIT FOR THE FUNDS TO CLEAR in your account (and have the bank verify they can not be reversed/taken back) as the buyers cheque will probably be bogus

There are many variations on the above extortions but these will hopefully make you aware of what to look out for.

We want to help make property transactions as safe as possible. Please let us know of any new scams and we will publish them here.