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This shows the property abroad for sale you have added to your favourite's. You can view your Favourite Property, print them individually or print them all as a list.

To add property to your favourite's select "add" from the property details page.


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Real Estate Agent and Property Developer Details

This is a list of the real estate property agents and developers and their contact details that you have added to your Favourite Agents.

To see the agents that are listing the property you have selected in your Favourite Property see: Favourite Real Estate Property Agents.


Logs you out of the system. Advisable if you are using a shared computer.

Overseas Property Search

The overseas property search contains thousands of properties that are listed by many agents and developers from around the globe. However not every property an agent has will necessarily be listed on this site so it is advisable to contact the most relevant agents and ask them to email you suitable property. You can also use the advanced overseas properties for sale search and you will automatically receive relevant property details via email as soon as they are added to the site.

Currency Conversion Facility

We have developed a system that allows us to display the approximate price of a property in several popular currencies. The currency you prefer can be selected at the time you search. Please note that the conversion is based on market rates that are updated a maximum of twice a day. The converted price is for guidance purposes only.

You must re-select the currency you desire every time you look at property from another country as the conversion calculation will need to be updated.

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