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We are actively looking for agents and developers who have overseas properties for sale or rent. Agents and developers can post real estate property listings on this web site and all enquiries that come from the property listings are sent directly to the property agent, we do not get involved in the process.

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More Benefits for Overseas Property Agents and Developers

Developers and agents can easily provide their property data to their sub-agents via our XML data feed.

Quickly and easily identify new partners and agents.

Sub-agents can easily stay up to date with the latest property data via our XML feed from your chosen partners.

Other quick, simple property solutions are available.

FSBO For Sale by Owner - Private Sales

If you own overseas properties for sale that you wish to sell privately i.e. without the assistance of an agent please visit our partner site: FSBO property for sale by owner.

The real estate property for sale direct from the owner will get listed on many sites that partner with the above site.

Property Listing Restrictions

Only professional real estate property agents, realtors, developers, etc. can list property on this site.

The site (and our promotional activity) is aimed at overseas properties for sale and rent i.e. holiday homes, vacation properties, overseas investment properties.

We do not restrict other property types but please be aware that the vast majority of the site traffic will be looking for holiday homes, overseas / foreign property or overseas investment properties. There may be little benefit in listing a "normal" residential property unless you are taking advantage of our XML and other services.

Property Multiple Listing System

XML Property Data - Outbound xml property data

One of the most beneficial features of this site is the XML property data feed.

Benefits to main property agents and developers

  • It is easy to keep all sub agents up to date with your latest property listings by using this site:
    • no more need to compile time consuming lists of your new property and send via email
    • no more confusion over out of date listings : your agents will always have access to the data you want them to have.
  • It is easy to attract new agents who already use the data from this site:
    • new agents can access your property data in minutes once you have given them the password
    • agents are now selecting partners only if they can provide XML data services - don't miss out!
  • You control access to the data so only the agents you want to work with can have your property data
    • You can easily change your password and stop access to your data
    • You can easily see on this site who is using your data
  • You receive all enquiries from your listings on this site for free:
    • we do not get involved in enquiries generated by your property listings on this site

Benefits to sub agents

Easily manage multiple data feeds from your partners by simply selecting the data your require from this site.

You only need to implement and manage 1 XML feed and you have access to a vast amount of overseas properties from many agents.

XML Property Data - Inbound xml property data

We are happy to implement XML data feeds to add your property to this site. Once added you will be able to attract many more agents.

If you have XML property data available now simply contact us by clicking: XML property data provider and we will quickly get it loaded onto this site so you can start generating more enquiries and attracting new agents straight away.

Price for Listing Property

The property listing service is FREE !:

We also do not charge for adding your XML property data to this site.

So if you have xml real estate property data you can get increased exposure for it by listing it on this site.

Automated inbound XML data feeds are the most beneficial and cost effective way for you to generate more property sales through this site and your agents.

If you have expert knowledge of your area of operation you should also consider adding some news articles to our overseas property RSS feed.

List Overseas Property For Sale or Rent


  1. Create an account to list property.

  2. Add your real estate listings to this site. You deal with all enquiries direct; we do not get involved.


Terms & Conditions:

Please check Real Estate Listing Restrictions above!

This service is not for private sales by the owner, all property listed here is provided by estate agents, property consultants, realtors, developers, etc. That is, organisations and individuals who can provide professional real estate services for buyers. Our motto is:

www.property-partnership.com ... THE PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION

For people who have their own home or holiday home to sell or who want to sell investment property they own please visit overseas properties for sale as it has a section for property for sale by owner.

Our service is open to any property type in any location but it is aimed at "overseas property". The property agent is responsible for ensuring the real estate listing information is accurate and correct.

To get the most interest in your property listings we advise you upload relevant images with the description.

We reserve the right not to list a property.