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There are many thousands of overseas properties to browse through on this site and many of them offer great investment potential. However, we occasionally receive details of properties that offer something special that puts them ahead of the pack when it comes to overseas property investing.

It should be understood that the best returns from overseas investment property / buy-to-let property overseas is not the typical "holiday" or "vacation" home. It will usually have limited or no personal use and may not be in a typical "holiday" location. Holiday home seekers must be clear in their own minds as to just how much they want an investment and how much they want a holiday home.

Overseas property investors may also want to look at the: guaranteed rental overseas properties.

All information on this page is based on our opinions and should not be taken as investment advice; but rather as information to make property investors aware of some of their options.

The property listings on this page are NOT paid for advertisements! They are displayed here because we think there is something about them that will be of special interest to overseas property investors.

Top Investment Properties

Overseas Property Agents - Submit a Development

Are you an overseas property agent or business? Do you think you have a development that has something special to offer investors? If yes, you can submit the development in the following way:

  1. Login to your account or create a new agent login

  2. Submit a news or location article.
    For a development to be considered for inclusion on this page you must also submit at least 1 news article that relates to the Country or area of the development. This must be factual and impartial or it will not get published.
    A link to the article will be visible on the development details page so potential investors can read the additional information.
    Please login to your overseas property agent account to submit an article or click to create a new overseas property agent account.

  3. Where you have completed the above, contact us stating:
    - the property reference number from this site that you want us to review - the title of 1 article that you have submitted that provided accurate and impartial facts and information supporting an investment in the area/development.

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We have 30858 properties listed and we have currently have selected 2 developments for inclusion on this page... we are always looking for more overseas property investments so please submit your hot property investment and we will review it within 48hrs.