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Malta Property Malta Island for sale
Townhouse for sale
Location:Malta Island, Żebbuġ
Price: €757,250
property details
Malta Property Malta Island for sale
for sale
Location:Malta Island, Paola
Price: €873,515
property details
Malta Property Malta Island for sale
Villa for sale
Location:Malta Island, St. Julian's
Price: €722,110
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Article by: Mr Leslie Pavia Published: 14/03/2008

Our Important mission

Our mission is, to offer all-round assistance to property owners and property seekers from fundamentals to finishing touches. We offer to investors a range of investment properties from small retail units to large investments, like shopping-centres, office blocks and industrial buildings, hotels, development land, residential buildings, companies and shareholdings. Our property prices are the lowest on the island because, we only charge 1% commission of selling price. This is an advantage for both sellers and buyers, buying and selling through us, means saving money.

Values Statement

This Values Statement serves as a framework to guide the daily actions and decisions we take, to represent the standards in dealing with clients.

1: A Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to be of service in as effective and efficient a manner as possible and in accordance with our overall mission.

2: A Commitment to Be Customer- Centric

We are committed to put our customer at the very centre of our activities.

3: A Commitment to Ethical Behaviour

We are committed to conduct our business with the highest professional and ethical standards and to keep all customers data entrusted to us strictly confidential.

4: A Commitment to Personal Growth and Well-Being

We are committed to an environment characterised by continuous learning, an entrepreneurial spirit and a team orientation. In addition, we are committed to an environment that is willing to allow for a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. This commitment will enable us to attract and retain the best-qualified people and create a workplace of which we can be proud and where we can enjoy our work, always while seeking to carry out our mission.

Viewing Trips

Viewing property in malta could not be easier, which ever property you decide on. Below is a typical agenda for your property visit in malta. Please let us know when you want to come to malta and arrange your flight then let us know your details, flight times etc.

If you are visiting Malta we will reserve the hotel for you, subject to availability, you may stay in an apartment which we may book for you.

If you are viewing property in Malta then you will fly into Malta International Airport.

Typical Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive at the airport and we, will be at the airport to welcome

you and deliver you to your hotel or apartment

Day 2

After breakfast we will pick you up

Tour the local town and beaches

Discuss your property requirements

Site inspections

Lunch at a selected restaurant

Property viewing for the afternoon

Day 3

After breakfast we will pick you up

Review of the property viewing to date

Inspection of your favourite property

Evening celebration dinner

Day 4

After breakfast

Home work to be done i.e. bank account, solicitors

Contracts and Legal Work

Return to the airport for your departure from Malta

We guarantee you an absolutely 'NO PRESSURE' enjoyable time during your visit to Malta.

Please come and join us and allow us to help you turn your dream into reality.

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