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Phone: 815 600 8171
Cape Verde
Seek international property is a highly focused operation that identifies properties for purchase or for rent (Long term or holiday) in specific “new market” locations. SIP not only works in new or developing locations, but unlike any other property operation, it specialises in providing services to four specific groups of people in order to find a good match for their requirement. 1. “Coming back to our Roots”: People in previous years or generation migrated abroad but now have a wish to either return to live or holiday back in their original country of origin, many of which are now offering exciting growth and investment prospects and excellent lifestyle opportunities. 2. “New World Investors”: People who seek a home or holiday home in one of the less established or traditional property markets in order to capitalize on the unique living experience as well as the fantastic property value growth prospect that some of these places offer. 3. “Winter Sun Retirees”: People who seek a genuine mid-long term rental in an interesting and genuinely warm climate during those hard winter months. We offer properties and locations that can make a winter retreat both highly affordable and interesting. 4. “New World Rental”: People wanting affordable rented places to stay in interesting locations whilst they holiday or look around for the perfect investment opportunity in the countries we offer.

Key Staff Members

property agent logo Mr Emmanuel Adeyanju: Director
Director Of Seek International Property