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Renovation Properties to Restore Overseas

Overseas Property Renovations

Renovation property overseas are a popular way for buyers to secure a property that they could not afford if it were in prime condition. Property in need of restoration overseas often offer good investment potential and high capital gains for people willing to put in the work. However, buyers of renovation property overseas need to check the local building regulations and restrictions as they could be very different from what they expect.

The overseas property agents and developers that list property on this site have the option to identify properties that require work and restoring. You can use the search below to display all the property renovations overseas that we have listed.

NOTE: this is a new feature are many properties will not be identified as offering development/renovation potential so please also check the main listings for the areas you are interested in.

Renovation Property Overseas

We have property to restore in the following locations:

renovation property to restore Bulgaria Bulgaria     renovation property to restore France France     renovation property to restore Italy Italy     renovation property to restore Portugal Portugal     renovation property to restore Saint Lucia Saint Lucia     renovation property to restore Spain Spain     renovation property to restore Turkey Turkey     renovation property to restore USA USA    

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 renovation property for sale USA Renovation Property

Property for sale $ 8,250,000

Properties: 1 to 1 of 1